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Fionnuala McLoughlin

Nuala McLoughlin,
Founder, English for Work

About Us

In the course of my teaching career, which began in Spain 25 years ago, and later involved work in London and Dublin in both the public and private sectors, I have delivered English language courses to students of all levels and backgrounds, as well as a diverse range of cultures. Preparation for accredited exams, such as IELTS and the Cambridge suite of exams, delivered both in the classroom to groups and one-to-one online, as well as the delivery of work-based language skills courses, have all featured in my work. At Hackney Council, I was responsible for the delivery of work-based language skills training to non-native English speaking staff, assisting them with skills such as report writing and presentations, and for providing more basic speaking and literacy training, based on content relevant to the roles of less fluent or literate staff.

I have gained considerable experience of the delivery of online lessons, working with South Korean students, based both in South Korea and the UK. They have included business people, academics and students, many of whom are working towards IELTS and other accreditation (such as the South Korean OPIK qualification), and others who simply require the opportunity to gain English conversation practice, or to acquire the vocabulary and expressions they need to communicate effectively at work.

My career in English language teaching began following graduation from UCD with a BA in English and Philosophy. I later achieved the Cambridge CELTA qualification, and more recently, an MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) with distinction, from the University of Brighton (2015). This allowed me to refresh my teaching skills, develop my knowledge of linguistics, and update my awareness and understanding of current pedagogical approaches in the English language teaching arena. My dissertation focused on the factors affecting the spoken English production of non-native English speaking MA students, in the context of their lived and academic experience. I have also recently been awarded an Advanced Certificate in Management Practice from the University of Ulster.

My knowledge and experience position me well, I believe, to help Irish-based businesses and organizations to provide the support their non-native English speaking staff need to fully realize their potential, as part of a cohesive and optimally functioning team.

Nuala McLoughlin